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Dear Joe,

Again, welcome to our chiropractic office. I am taking this time to reiterate some of the things we discussed in our first office visits.

Your health is of utmost importance to us and we want to do everything we possibly can to help you obtain a healthy existence.

Health is a wonderful thing and sometimes does not come easy. You may have to change the way you exercise, eat, sleep, think, or even play. If we don't make changes, we should not expect anything to change.

We are here to serve you in regaining your health. It takes time to get sick and time to get well. A kidney is sick for a long time before it drops a painful stone. A heart is sick for some time before it has a deadly heart attack. A body's arteries are sick for a long time before it has a paralyzing brain stroke.

Your nervous system is the main control of all the organs and muscles of your body. If it is ever slightly pinched, that organ can suffer giving symptoms rather quickly (pain or spasm) or even chronic diseases years down the road. Listed below are your symptoms as you described them to us on your initial office visit.

Subjective Complaints:
Mr. McGee stated that he is experiencing:
1: constant (76 to 100% of awake time) muscle spasm in the neck. He rated the pain 10/10 using a visual analog scale with 10 being extreme pain. The symptoms seem to be aggravated by lying down and causing difficulties with driving a car. The patient stated that the pain is radiating into the left hip.

2: frequent (51 to 75% of awake time) pain across the right shoulder. He rated the pain 7/10. The symptoms seem to be causing difficulties with normal sleeping.

3: intermittent (26 to 50% of awake time) increased tension throughout the body. He rated the pain 4/10.

4: intermittent (26 to 50% of awake time) stiffness in the mid back with a visual analog scale rating of 3/10. The symptoms seem to be aggravated by prolonged sitting positions. .

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During your initial office visit, you went through a thorough examination in which we were able to diagnose the actual cause from which you are experiencing painful symptoms. For your records, the medical code(s) and description(s) of your condition are listed below:

Brachial Neuritis/Radiculitis, acute, severe
Cervicalgia, moderate
Radiculitis (Thoracic), chronic, mild
Thoracic Sprain / Strain, acute, moderate
Osteoarthritis (Cervical), (complicating diagnosis)

This diagnosis was evaluated using a series of orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic testing procedures performed during your examination.

Our office has had much experience with these type of cases and wants to become part of your health care team. Our goals for treatment of your condition are:

First, (the acute phase of care) to remove your pain and discomfort. Our plan of treatment during this phase of care is outlined below:

The patient will be seen 3 times per week for a period of 2 weeks. The patient's treatment program will include a diversified adjustive technique at C3 through C6 and T7. Therapy will include E.M.S. on the cervical region and shoulder region to reduce swelling and inflammation. Additional therapy will include massage on the thoracic region and lumbar region to improve circulation. The patient has been instructed to perform specific exercises and use a cold pack while at home.

Second, we will endeavor to correct, strengthen and stabilize the cause of your symptoms. After the elimination of your initial pain and discomfort, you will be re-examined in our office to determine the current status of your condition's recovery. At this point a new plan of treatment will be developed with a decrease in your visit frequency.

Third, with a periodic spinal check-up every 1 to 3 months, we can prevent many future health conditions from ever occurring.

Your condition has been thoroughly evaluated using the latest orthopedic, neurological, palpative, and diagnostic testing procedures available. Our office takes great pride in always staying up to date with the latest educational and technological developments. The above stated plan of treatment was specifically designed to treat your condition and should, over time, serve to lessen the intensity of your symptoms and restore your body's ability to perform your normal daily activities.

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Very Important:
Even with our knowledge of your condition and the above specified treatment plan, the one thing that will speed up your recovery time the most, is your cooperation in keeping your prescribed visit schedule.

Thank you again for choosing Hixson HealthCare to assist your body's natural healing power. If we can be of any further assistance to you in better understanding your condition, please do not hesitate to call our office at 805-544-4680.

Warmest regards,

Mark Bagby, D.C.



Work Disability Request


Treating Physician:
Patient Name:
Employer Name:
David C. Hixson, D.C.
Joe L. McGee
Johnson Enterprises

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to certify that Mr. McGee is under my professional care for his injury which took place on 05/05/97.

I have performed a thorough examination and evaluation of Mr. McGee's condition and have prescribed a specific treatment regime that he has been instructed to follow. As part of this treatment plan, I feel that it is necessary to place Mr. McGee on disability at this time.

Work Status:
The consistency of the data, from the evaluation of the patient's subjective complaints and the objective examination, revealed that Mr. McGee will be able to return to work with modified duties. If the condition continues to improve, the modifications should lessen. This will eventually lead to a return to regular work duties.

The patient's initial disability is from 5/5/97 through 6/5/97 at which point a subsequent evaluation will be performed to determine Mr. McGee's ability to return to regular work duties.

With regard to this particular case, based on the data I have reviewed, chiropractic care is the preferred treatment of choice. In terms of cost effectiveness, a chiropractic physician examines, diagnosis, and orders treatment protocols directly. Unlike other medical practices, chiropractic does not spiral costs into the system through ancillary and specialist services, such as hospitalization and pharmaceuticals. On an average, a dollar spent on chiropractic services incurs no further costs.

If you have any questions regarding the terms of Mr. McGee's disability, please feel free to call my office at (805) 544-4680.


Mark Bagby, D.C.

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